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Dungeons and Dragons for dummies - Jacson S.

Jacson S. Dungeons and Dragons for dummies - John Wiley & Sons, 2003. - 49 p.
ISBN 1-55634-667-0
Download (direct link): dungeonsanddragonsfordummies2003.pdf
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9 Long, perfectly maintained fingernails give you an edge in weaponless combat; you may choose to inflict actual damage instead of subdual damage.
10 Amazingly bushy eyebrows. Spellcasters get a bonus spell (as for Gray hair, above).
II-12 Very long hair. +1 to Strength; it worked for Samson.
13-15 Hair worn in a bristly buzz cut. If you are a
Warrior, select an extra martial Feat. If you are not a Warrior, this was a stupid choice.
16 Dramatic white stripe. Effect as for black hair, and yes, it stacks.
17 Spiky Mohawk. Your helmet must be specially made to let it stick out. +1 to Dexterity from all the practice you gain from getting your hair to stay up. Also, you are immune to Chicken On The Head, as there is nowhere for it to perch.
18 Spectacular tattoos. Increase your AC by 2 at any time it is not already above 16.
19 Thick back hair.+1 AC to all attacks from behind. Dwarf women have this effect automatically (see, it pays to read the fine print in the tables!).
20 You are an albino. Hair color becomes White or None - your choice - but without the normal effects from the Hair table. Instead, you get +2 Charisma and a nasty tendency to sunburn.
Skin Color
Weíre just not going there. It is assumed that you have skin. It can be any color you like. In this enlightened fantasy world, nobody will notice, Besides, youíre bloody well going to cover it up with armor, right? Ó
Eye Color
Pick a die at random from your bag.
Your eyes are that color. If you come up with a multicolored die, deal with it.
This chapter is all closed content, except for the words in this box and any words in italic type
- but not bold italic! - which are open content.
Most of the best munchkin equipment is either already official (gotta love that throwable flask of holy water), or magical (which will put them in the Munchkin Masterís Guide), or both (Bag of Holding! Bag of Holding!).
So this will be a short chapter, with just a few little things you donít want to leave home without:
The better to maim with!
Boots, Butt-Kicking:
These metal boots have long metal spikes protruding from the toes.
They allow the wearer to deliver a kick attack, doing ld4 damage on a successful hit. In all other respects, they behave as normal leather boots.
Cost: 15 gp. Weight: 5 lbs.
Damage: Piercing, ld4. Critical:
If your plate mail has a weapon rack ... ... you might be a Munchkin
Bow, Ribboned: This elven weapon acts as a normal longbow when used as a weapon. It can also be twirled, however, distracting any opponent firing missiles at the elfís party (-2 to hit). Blind opponents are not affected by this secondary power.
Cost: 100 gp. Other statistics as for a regular longbow.
Chainsaw, gnome: This terrible two-handed weapon uses a clockwork engine to literally tear apart
an enemyís flesh. It runs on alcohol (pure, ideally, although any hard liquor will do in a pinch), and must be started (1 combat round and a Dex check, DC 20) before it can be used effectively in combat. One gallon of alcohol will power the saw for one hour.
Cost: 30 gp. Weight: 6. lbs. Damage: Slashing, ldlO. Critical: 18-20M.
Chainsaw, ore: The same as above, only used in one hand and not started, and therefore doing only ld6 damage.
Requires no fuel in this mode.
Polearm, Swiss Army: Itís not the most elegant weapon in the world, but you are guaranteed to have the polearm you need. It contains one of every type of polearm found in the PHB; changing from one to another is a full-round action.
Cost: 500 gp. Weight: 10 lbs. (Those Swiss . . . how do they do it?) Damage and critical as per the polearm in use.
Rock, Huge: The weapon of choice for boulder warriors. (Ahem.)
Cost: Free. Weight: 150 lbs. Damage: 2d8 per 10 ft. fallen or hurled. Critical: 20/x2.
Slug-Thrower: A hand catapult loaded with your slimy garden friends. Treat as a repeating crossbow, but instead of doing damage, the slugs distract all humanoids (except ores and half-orcs) they hit: adds +3 to DC for any task requiring concentration, and an additional +1 for each additional slug. Double the penalty for elves and females; triple it for elvish females; and double it again if you can get the slug down the front of her armor (requiring a critical hit) Cost: 250 gp. Weight 16 lbs. Damage: Special. Critical: 19-20/special effect; see above.
Slugs: Cost: 1 cp, or look under a rvek. Weight:
20 to a pound.
If your characters name is used as the title of a prestige class ...
... you might be a Munchkin.
Masterwork d6, whenever you roll 6-siders, one of them is considered to roll 2-7! But you need a separate Masterwork die for each type of die; your Masterwork d6 does you no good if you need to roll a d20.
Cost: 1,000 gp. Weight: 20 to a pound.
Glue: Itís glue. It sticks stuff together. Not a tough concept. Alcohol will dissolve the glue; otherwise, a Strength check at DC 25 is required to separate two things that are glued together. The check falls by 5 for every full day that elapses.
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