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Dungeons and Dragons for dummies - Jacson S.

Jacson S. Dungeons and Dragons for dummies - John Wiley & Sons, 2003. - 49 p.
ISBN 1-55634-667-0
Download (direct link): dungeonsanddragonsfordummies2003.pdf
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Own Goal ace (General)
The whole party dies so you can live!
Prerequisite: Five successful invocations of Own Goal.
Benefit: You have perfected the art of allowing others to sacrifice on your
Skills and Feats
behalf and may now attempt to sacrifice your entire party to achieve a major plot point. All members of the party must fail their saving throw vs. Fortitude at a -10 penalty. All who succeed take half of the damage the GM rules you would have received (those who fail their saving throw are dead). If there are any survivors other than yourself, you also take half damage from the attack. You may only attempt this feat once per session.
Normal: Normally, even suggesting something like this would cause the rest of your party to erect a tall stake in the deepest portion of the dungeon, and mount you tastefully atop it. They would then take all your weapons, armor, magical items, and gold to remember you by. They would then forget you.
Unless they’re ALL trying to get you, you can’t be hurt.
Prerequisite: Shagging the DM
Benefit: Your PC is now immune from any attack received in a round in which any other PC is also attacked by any entity. In order to successfully harm you, all foes must focus entirely upon you during that round. You are, after all, the star of the story; live it up.
Normal: Weapons hurt.
You find treasure every time you bend over.
Prerequisites: Munchkin T-shirt (available from ww, stupid DM.
Benefit: No matter when or where you are, you can take a full-round action to bend over and search for treasure, finding some lying right at your feet. Rip through whatever book you want and pick a magic item. You found that item. Artifacts are off-limits (unless you bribe your DM with some soda or something).
Normal: Without this feat, you can only find treasure where the DM has written it down, or where
some book or other gives you a chance to roll it on the dice.
Shagging the DM (General)
Shrug off a bad die roll every half-hour.
Prerequisites: See the title.
Benefit: If you actually fulfill the prerequisite, the DM must offer you the one-time opportunity to select this feat (privately or publicly, according to the DM’s whim) as soon as the PC has a free slot. Once per half-hour of playing time, you may re-roll any one die roll involving you merely by clearing your throat and looking meaningfully at the DM. If the DM fails to recognize this sign within 30 seconds, you receive the benefits of this feat without counting against your time limit.
Normal: Actually, if you play your cards right, it can work this way without the feat.
Smooth operatorJGeneral)
Big bonuses to hit on random strangers.
Prerequisite: An alignment other than Evil.
Benefit: Once per session, you may turn any non-combat situation involving a member of the appropriate sex (PCs excluded) into a proposition. The target of your attention must make a Will Save at a +5 bonus to successfully resist your wiles.
Normal: In real life, the random approach draws more slaps than cuddles.
Special: This feat gives you a +2 bonus on Seduce skill.
Sparging Smile (General)
Smile and re-roll.
Prerequisites: Teeth.
Benefit: You may execute this feat once per play session, but you may take multiple instances of the feat (so if you take it three times, you may execute it three times per session). You must grin your cheesiest grin to every player, as if you are getting away with
If “Flying Feet of Instant Annihilation” seems like a reasonable feat for second level... ... you might be a Munchkin.
something (which you are), and then you may pick the best of three re-rolls to apply to any roll that you made. Normal: Roll the dice and live with it, Twinkie.
SwoRD-pu (General)
You’re one cool dude with a sword. Prerequisites: A sword, something to stab, Power Attack.
Skills and Feats
Benefit: +4 attack bonus with swords and swords
Normal: You miss more.
Table bumping (General)
Clumsy accident or clever game mechanic? You decide.
If you have better-than-even chances of hiding in shadows at high noon in an open field ... ... you might be a Munchkin.
Prerequisites: Sufficient muscular coordination to bump the table without completely wrecking the game.
Benefit: Once per session per player in the group (including the DM, not including any observers), you may physically bump the table. Any counters, miniatures, or dice that are moved lay as they are as if they were originally placed or rolled that way. If you accidentally bump the table enough to move something, it uses up one of your bumps. If you bump the table and are out of bumps, the DM and players may devise an appropriate (but non-lethal) penalty for your character. Any effects of the bump, however, stay in effect.
Normal: Things that are moved when the table is bumped are replaced as closely as possible, and the idiot who bumped the table is verbally abused and made to replace any books spoiled by spilled drinks. Come to think of it, that last bit should apply anyway.
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