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Dungeons and Dragons for dummies - Jacson S.

Jacson S. Dungeons and Dragons for dummies - John Wiley & Sons, 2003. - 49 p.
ISBN 1-55634-667-0
Download (direct link): dungeonsanddragonsfordummies2003.pdf
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Hide your alignment, no matter what!
Benefit: You may successfully disguise your alignment from anyone or anything, no matter what means they use to discern it; you will appear to them to be the alignment that would most benefit you. This works on an unlimited number of targets simultaneously. If they observe you perform an action grossly against the alignment they believe you have, they may attempt a saving throw vs. Will at a -7 penalty. Success means they have seen through you and will react to your true alignment; failure means they immediately forget any discrepancy and cannot be reminded of it by any means.
Normal: Alignment, whatever that really is, is normally detectable by a variety of means.
Spellcasting for everyone. Yum. Just donít bathe or wear too many clothes.
Prerequisites: Skin, and something to write
Benefit: Any non-magic user with this feat is allowed to cast spells as if they were a wizard merely by drawing an inked pattern upon your PCís exposed skin. This pattern must be exposed and easily visible at all times; if covered by clothing, bandages, mud, blood, or other materials, your PC will lose the spell-casting ability until it the pattern is re-drawn. The pattern will stay fresh for one day for every five levels you have, but will fade and require redrawing after that. Use the level of your primary class as if were the wizard class to determine what spell levels you possess. You may select one spell from each level; these selections may not be changed.
You cast your spells per the wizard class rules.
Skills and Feats
Normal: You can draw all over yourself, no problem, but it doesnít DO anything.
Like Marker Magic, but twice as good.
Prerequisites: Marker Magic, a forehead, a permanent marker.
Benefit: You may double the spell selection (two spells per each spell level) granted by Marker Magic by the simple expedient of drawing the pattern upon your own forehead with a permanent marker.
This applies to the player, not the character.
Normal: Drawing on your forehead with a marker will have no game effects, and no desirable social ones.
MUNCHKIN Toughness (General)
How you managed to sneak this past your DM is one for the record books.
Prerequisites: Toughness,
$2 donation to the DM, Con 15+.
Benefit: You gain +6 hit points.
Normal: Characters without this cheat (err, FEAT) die 6 points sooner.
Special: You may gain this feat multiple times.
Norm! (General)
Other characters visit taverns because itís a cliche. You have a reason!
Prerequisites: A tavern, or something like it, containing people, or something like that, drinking alcohol, or something like that.
Benefit: Anytime you enter a pub or inn, everybody there will know your name and yell it out cheerfully. They will ask how youíve been and what youíre currently doing. Clever replies will earn you the appreciation of the crowd and gain you free and accurate information directly relating to your current goal. You also never pay for your own drinks, but you must never turn down a drink just because itís peculiar, if those around you are drinking the same thing.
Normal: Most people donít get yelled at when they walk into a pub, and if they do, it means they should turn around and leave.
* S / ' % ē
One in Every port (General)
You have former Significant Others everywhere, and they all still like you.
Prerequisites: Weíre not gonna say it. Weíre just not gonna say it.
Benefit: You may not be a sailor, but you encounter a past romantic interest in every major city or region \ you enter. Usually they are at least tempted to renew their relationship with you, despite any past history or present entanglements. At the DMís discretion, they ^ * I I may attempt to resist your
' Ď blandishments with a saving throw vs. Will at a -5 penalty. Even if they succeed in this save, they will continue to remain friendly. If they do not succeed in their saving throw, they will aid you in any fashion they can. Be discreet! If the DM feels your assignations cause significant harm in your targetís life, he can replace this feat with Trail of Hearts.
Normal: You should be
so lucky.
Own Goal (General)
A comrade dies so you can live! Prerequisites: Another PC.
Benefit: Sometimes, true heroism requires the ultimate sacrifice. This feat ensures that someone else will make it on your behalf. If you are put in danger in the course of an attempt to acquire a magic item, treasure, artifact, spell book, or scroll in the current room or area, you may invoke this feat against another PC in the vicinity, who must immediately make a saving throw vs. Fortitude at a -10 penalty. If they fail, they die horribly in your place in a fashion that allows you to gain the object. If they succeed, you get the object... and the other PC takes half the damage required (at that point) to kill him, while you take a like amount. You may only attempt this feat once per session.
Normal: In general, your fellow PCs wish to survive and would be happy to see you die.
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