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Dungeons and Dragons for dummies - Jacson S.

Jacson S. Dungeons and Dragons for dummies - John Wiley & Sons, 2003. - 49 p.
ISBN 1-55634-667-0
Download (direct link): dungeonsanddragonsfordummies2003.pdf
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Normal: You have to roll your dice where people can see them. Duh.
Hit the deckL (General)
Draw a card and make the DM do something nice for you.
Prerequisites: At least 1/4 of the cards in a full retail Munchkin deck (any variety). You do not need to be the owner of the deck, but you must possess the cards for the entire gaming session. The actual owner of the full deck has sole discretion over which cards you borrow.
If you’re the only member of your own prestige class, called “Me”... ... you might be a Munchkin.
Benefit: You may use this feat once per session to draw the top card from your deck. The player to your left must cut the deck before you draw the card and may require you to shuffle it first if they desire. The DM must apply that card to your current situation in a favorable fashion.
Normal: People will laugh at you and say “Wrong game! Good try, Bozo!”
Humiliating Shot (General)
Hit ‘em where it hurts.
Prerequisites: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot.
Benefit: You can use a ranged weapon to shame your foes, planting arrows in body parts your foes won’t even mention in front of their mothers. This attack is made with a -2 penalty, but if successful, the target suffers a -2 morale penalty to all all checks and saves for a number of rounds equal to the damage you inflict.
Normal: This requires getting lucky.
I Am Charmingi (General)
If you are already Charismatic, you become more
Prerequisites: A high Charisma stat.
Benefit: At any time, check to see if your PC possesses the highest Charisma stat of all PCs and NPCs currently in your party; if you do, you gain an additional +1 bonus to your Charisma with regard to other characters for the rest of the session. Count the effects of all active spells, potions, artifacts, and magic items when making this determination. You may not exercise this feat during the middle of combat. This is a supernatural ability. Saying “I’m still the prettiest!” is optional.
Normal: Being good doesn’t make you better.
If your character quests for demigodhood so he can start granting his own wishes ... ... you might be a Munchkin.
I am HARgYf (General)
As per I Am Charming!, except that the affected stat is Constitution.
I am NiMBLEf (General)
As per I Am Charming!, except that the affected stat is Dexterity.
I Am Smarji (General)
As per I Am Charming!, except that the affected stat is Intelligence.
Skills and Feats
I Am Strong! (General)
As per I Am Charming!, except that the affected stat is Strength.
I am wiSEf (General)
As per I Am Charming!, except that the affected stat is Wisdom.
If you get combat bonuses from your languages ... ... you might be a Munchkin.
Impressive Flourish (General)
Merely unsheathing a weapon can deliver a stunning whack.
Prerequisite: A weapon.
Benefit: At your first melee attack of any combat, as long as your weapon was stowed (in its sheath, carried in a non-ready position, etc.), your act of readying your weapon will allow an automatic attack against any foe (as designated by your PC) in range of your weapon. This is a subdual attack and must be executed in order to ready your weapon. Roll once for your attack and damage rolls vs. the foe most directly in front of you and apply those rolls to all affected foes.
Normal: Readying your weapon makes your weapon ready, and that’s it.
Improved Hit the DECKL (General)
As per Hit the Deck!, except that you do not need to have the cards cut or shuffled by any other player. You must use your regular Hit the Deck! draw first in the session before using this extra draw.
IMPROVISED WEAPONS proficiency (General WARglORg ONLY)
If you can lift it, you can hurt people with it.
Prerequisite: Warrior level 5+, or Warrior level 2+ and Exotic Weapon Proficiency.
Benefit: Any item you can pick up, as long as it either weighs more than a half-ounce or has a surface area of more than 4 square inches, can be used as an effective weapon. You can see the potential for horrible mayhem in every ordinary item around you. The DM assigns weapon stats to your chosen item based on whatever vague similarity he can find to a “real” weapon, but must pick a real weapon to compare to ... so nothing, even a playing card or a soft pillow, does less damage than a dagger -1.
Normal: If you want to hurt someone, use a weapon.
Mess with your character sheet, legally.
Prerequisite: Juggling skill.
Benefit: Once per game session, on a successful Dexterity check (DC 20), you can switch any two of the following numbers on your character sheet: spells you have cast that day, usage of any one feat during the game session, damage taken, number of 11-foot poles in your inventory.
Normal: Normally, after you get caught fooling around with your character sheet, nobody will play with you expect Stinky George and that crazy woman at the library.
Special: This feat is also called Cooking The Books, but uses an Intelligence check and Cooking skill instead.
rar&ia Chameleon (General)
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