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Excel add in development in C++ Aplications in finance - Dalton S.

Dalton S. Excel add in development in C++ Aplications in finance - Wiley publishing , 2005. - 425 p.
ISBN 0-470-02469-0
Download (direct link): exceladdindevelopmentincand2005.pdf
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concepts 113-60, 332 conversions 149 creation processes 145-8 memory considerations 149-50, 332 uses 113-14, 332 xltypeMultixloper 70, 103-4 xltypeNil 113-60, 163-284 concepts 113 -60 conversions 156 creation processes 155-6 memory considerations 156-7 uses 155-6
xltypeNum 113-60, 163-284 concepts 113-60 uses 132-5 xltypeRef 103-4, 113-60, 163-284, 332 concepts 103-4, 113-60, 332 conversions 153-4 creation processes 150-3 memory considerations 154, 332 uses 150-1, 332 xltypeRefxlopers 206-7 xltypeSRef 113-60, 163-284 concepts 103 -4, 113 -60 conversions 153 -4 creation processes 150-3 memory considerations 154 uses 150-1 xltypeStr 113-60, 163-284, 332 concepts 113-60, 332 conversions 136-7 creation processes 135-6 memory considerations 137-8, 332 uses 135-6 XLW 122, 169
Index compiled by Terry Halliday
CD supplement to Excel Add-in Development in C/C++, Applications in Finance by Steve Dalton ISBN 0-470-02469-0
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