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the semantic web a gide to the future of XML, Web Services and Knowledge Management - Daconta M,C.

Daconta M,C. the semantic web a gide to the future of XML, Web Services and Knowledge Management - Wiley publishing , 2003. - 304 p.
ISBN 0-471-43257-1
Download (direct link): thesemanticwebguideto2003.pdf
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What's on the Companion Web Site
The companion Web site at
contains the following:
Source code. The source code for all listings in the book are available in a compressed archive.
Errata. Any errors discovered by readers or the authors are listed with the corresponding corrected text.
Code appendix for Chapter 8. As some of the listings in Chapter 8 are quite long, they were abbreviated in the text yet posted in their entirety on the Web site.
Contact addresses. The email addresses of the authors are available, as well as answers to any frequently asked questions.
xviii IrheSemanticWeb
Feedback Welcome
The Semantic Web
This book is written by senior technologists for senior technologists, their management counterparts, and those aspiring to be senior technologists. All comments, suggestions, and questions from the entire IT community are greatly appreciated. It is feedback from our readers that both makes the writing worthwhile and improves the quality of our work. I'd like to thank all the readers who have taken time to contact us to report errors, provide constructive criticism, or express appreciation.
I can be reached via email at or via regular mail:
Michael C. Daconta c/o Robert Elliott Wiley Publishing, Inc.
111 River Street Hoboken, NJ 07030
Best wishes,
Michael C. Daconta Sierra Vista, Arizona
Writing this book has been rewarding because of the importance of the topic, the quality of my coauthors, and the utility of our approach to provide critical, strategic guidance. At the same time, there were difficulties in writing this book simultaneously with More Java Pitfalls (also from Wiley). During the course of this work, I am extremely grateful to the support I have received from my wife, Lynne, and kids, CJ, Samantha, and Gregory. My dear wife Lynne deserves the most credit for her unwavering support over the years. She is a fantastic mother and wife whom I am lucky to have as a partner. We moved during the writing of this book, and everyone knows how difficult moving can be. I would also like to thank my in-laws, Buddy and Shirley Belden, for their support. The staff at Wiley Publishing, Inc., including Bob Elliott, Emilie Herman, Brian Snapp, and Micheline Frederick, were both understanding and supportive throughout the process. This project would not have even begun without the efforts of my great coauthors Kevin T. Smith and Leo Obrst. Their professionalism and hard work throughout this project was inspirational. Nothing tests the mettle of someone like multiple, simultaneous deadlines, and these guys came through!
Another significant influence on this book was the work I performed over the last three years. For Fannie Mae, I designed an XML Standard for electronic mortgages that has been adopted by the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO). Working with Gary Haupt, Jennifer Donaghy, and Mark Oliphant of Fannie Mae was a pleasure. Also, working with the members of MISMO in refining the standard was equally wonderful. More directly related to this book was my work as Chief Architect of the Virtual Knowledge Base Project. I would like to sincerely thank the MBI Program manager, Danny Proko, and Government Program manager, Ted Wiatrak, for their support, hard work, and outstanding management skills throughout the project. Ted has successfully led the Intelligence Community to new ways of thinking about knowledge management. Additionally, I'd like to thank the members of my architecture team: Kevin T. Smith, Joe Vitale, Joe Rajkumar, and Maurita Soltis for their hard work on a slew of tough problems. I would also like to thank my team members at Northrop Grumman, Becky Smith, Mark Leone, and Janet Sargent, for their support and hard work. Lastly, special thanks to Danny Proko and Kevin Apsley, my former Vice President of the Advanced Programs Group at MBI, for helping and supporting my move to Arizona.
There are many other family, friends, and acquaintances who have helped in ways big and small during the course of this book. Thank you all for your assistance.
The Semantic Web
I would especially like to thank my colleagues and the management at McDonald Bradley, Inc.; especially, Sharon McDonald, Ken Bartee, Dave Shuping, Gail Rissler, Danny Proko, Susan Malay, Anthony Salvi, Joe Broussard, Kyle Rice, and Dave Arnold. These friends and associates have enriched my life both personally and professionally with their professionalism, dedication, and drive. I look forward to more years of challenge and growth at McDonald Bradley, Inc.
As always, I owe a debt of gratitude to our readers. Over the last 10 books, they have enriched the writing experience by appreciating, encouraging, and challenging me to go the extra mile. My goal for my books has never changed: to provide significant value to the reader—to discuss difficult topics in an approachable and enlightening way. I sincerely hope I have achieved these goals and encourage our readers to let me know if we have not. Best wishes.
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