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Internet Explorer Construction Kit for Dummies - Clayton W

Clayton W Internet Explorer Construction Kit for Dummies - Wiley Publishing, 2005. - 388 p.
ISBN: 0-7645-7491-4
Download (direct link): internetexplorerconstruction2005.pdf
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The Kit Versus the Full Internet Explorer
Writing an application the size and complexity of Internet Explorer requires dozens of programmers and years of development time — not to mention the gallons of caffeine-laden pop and the bushels of nacho chips consumed. Internet Explorer is up to Version 6, and Microsoft’s programmers are still working on improving it. If you think that one guy (me) sitting behind a laptop computer can compete with that kind of programming muscle . . . well, I’ve got some swampland in Florida you may be interested in.
Luckily, Microsoft makes the heart of Internet Explorer available to programmers so that they can quickly add Internet features to their own applications. The Internet Explorer component comes in the form of a control that the programmer adds to his program. Once the control is in place, the application sends commands to the control to make it do cool stuff, like browse to a Web site, move back through the sites in the history list, or entertain young children with reruns of Sesame Street. Okay, I’m lying about that last one.
Part I: Making Your Own Internet Explorer
Figure 2-1:
A browser showing a Web site.
Anyway, the point is that, when I put together the Browser Construction Kit, I didn’t have to worry about the gory details of rendering HTML files into Web pages or even how to browse from one Web site to another. The Internet Explorer control takes care of everything. I did, however, have to create a user interface for the control that enables the user (that’s you) to send commands to the Internet Explorer control. The cool part is that you decide which user interface elements you want to use.
HTML is the language used to create Web pages. If you’ve ever seen HTML, you have to admit that it’s downright amazing that all that nonsense could ever create something as attractive as a Web page. For example, look at Figure 2-1. There you see a Web browser displaying the home page of my Web site. Figure 2-2, on the other hand, shows what the Web page’s HTML looks like. Yikes!
The browser that the Browser Construction Kit creates lacks some features of the full Internet Explorer. (You never use those features, anyway.) That guy (me again) sitting behind the laptop computer can only do so much. That guy (yep, me again) did, however, include a lot of extra features that the regular Internet Explorer doesn’t have. The point isn’t to reproduce Internet Explorer, but instead to create something new and different. So, although you give up a few features, you get cool new ones like alarms, timers, kid-safety functions, and so on.
Cj Clayton Walnum Microsoft Internet Explorer
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Chapter 2: Figuring Out What's Customizable
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Figure 2-2:
The HTML code that creates the Web site in Figure 2-1.
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-meta http-equiv- Content-Larguage ' content-"en-us”>
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