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Organic syntheses vol 58 - Sheppard W.A.

Sheppard W.A., Buchi G.H. Organic syntheses vol 58 - Wiley, 1978. - 123 p.
Download (direct link): organicsynthesesvol581978.pdf
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Triethylamine, hydrochloride [554-68-7],
58, 126
Trimethylamine, 1,1-dimethoxy [4637-
24-5], 58, 13, 16 1# ,6# ,1 -Tripyrido [ 1,2-fl: 1' ,2-c: 1" ,2"-e] [1,3,5] triazine, dodecahydro-[522-33-8],56, 121
i-Tyiosine [60-18-4], 56, 123 7.-Tyrosine, N-[N* -[(phenylmethoxy)-carbonyl] -i-glutaminyl] -, methyl ester [42222-23-l],56,93 ?-Tyrosine,./V-[N-[jV-[(phenylmethoxy)-carbonyl] glycyl] glycyl] -, methyl ester [14317-81-8], 56, 93
i-Tyrosine, A'-(trinuoroacetyl)- [350-10-7],
56, 122
Undecane, 3-methyl-, 55, 112 Undecanoicacid, 11-bromo- [2834-05-1],
58, 98, 100, 101 Undecanoic acid, 11-hydroxy-, lactone [1725-03-7],58, 98, 100 ^-2-UNDECENE,55, 103, 111 /2^-2-Undecene, 55, 109
7,-Valine, N-[N* -[(phenylmethoxy)car-
bonyl] -Z,-glutaminyl] methyl ester [14317-84-1 ],56,93 Z-Valine, TV-(trifluoroacetyl)- [349-00-8],
56, 125
p-Xylene, a-chloro- [104-82-5], 58, 38, 42
2,6-Xylenol [576-26-1], 58, 26, 31
Zinc chloride [7646-85-7], 56, 11
Volume 58 1978
William A. Sheppard, Editor-in-Chief
George H. Buchi Satoru Masamune
Orville L. Chapman Gabriel Saucy
Robert M. Coates Dieter Seebach
Carl R. Johnson Martin F. Semmelhack
Robert V. Stevens
Wayland E. Noland, Secretary to the Board Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota,
207 Pleasant St. S.E., Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455
C. F. . Allen John R. Johnson
Richard T. Arnold William S. Johnson
Henry E. Baumgarten N. J. Leonard
Richard E. Benson . C. McKusick
. . Blatt C. S. Marvel
Virgil Boekelheide Wataru Nagata
Ronald Breslow Melvin S. Newman
Arnold Brossi C. R. Noller
T. L. Cairns Charles C. Price
James Cason Norman Rabjohn
E. J. Corey John D. Roberts
William G. Dauben R. S. Schreiber
William D. Emmons John C. Sheehan
Albert Eschenmoser Ralph L. Shriner
R. . Fuson . R. Snyder
Henry Gilman Max Tishler
. .. Horning Kenneth B. Wiberg
Herbert O. House Peter Yates
Robert . Ireland
Roger Adams Homer Adkins Werner E. Bachmann Wallace H. Carothers
H. T. Clarke J. B. Conant Arthur C. Cope Nathan L. Drake
L F. Fieser Cliff S. Hamilton W. W. Hartman Oliver Kamm W. E. Parham Lee Irvin Smith Frank . Whitmore
JOHN WILEY AND SONS New York Chichester Brisbane Toronto
Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Copyright 1978 by Organic Syntheses, Inc.
All rights reserved. Published simultaneously in Canada.
Reproduction or translation of any part of this work beyond that permitted by Sections 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act without the permission of the copyright owner is unlawful.
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. is pleased to publish this volume of Organic Syntheses on behalf of Organic Syntheses, Inc. Although Organic Syntheses, Inc. has assured us that each preparation contained in this volume has been checked in an independent laboratory and that any hazards that were uncovered are clearly set forth in the write-up of each preparation, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. does not warrant the preparations against any safety hazards and assumes no liability with respect to the use of the preparations.
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 21-17747 ISBN 0-471-04739-2
Printed in the United States of America
10 987654321
Both common and systematic names of compounds are used throughout this volume, depending on which the Editor-in-Chief feels is more appropriate. Preparations appear in alphabetical order of names of the synthetic procedures. To group preparations of common interest, titles have been adapted for appropriate alphabetical listing. The Chemical Abstracts indexing name for each title compound, if it differs from the title name, is given as a subtitle. Systematic Chemical Abstracts Nomenclature is provided for both the 8th and 9th Collective Indexes in an appendix at the end of each preparation. Registry numbers, which are useful in computer searching and identification, are also provided in these appendixes. Whenever two names are concurrently in use, and one name is the correct Chemical Abstracts name, that name is adopted. For example, both diethyl ether and ethyl ether are normally used. Since ethyl ether is the established Chemical Abstracts name for the 8th Collective Index, it has been used in this volume. The 9th Collective Index name is l,l'-oxybisethane which the Editors consider too cumbersome. The prefix n- is deleted from n-alkanes and -alkyls. All reported dimensions are now expressed in Systeme International units.
Chemists are invited to submit for publication in Organic Syntheses procedures for the preparation of compounds that are of general interest, as well as procedures that illustrate synthetic methods of general utility. It is fundamental to the usefulness of Organic Syntheses that submitted procedures represent optimum conditions, and the procedures should be checked carefully by the submitters, not only for yield and physical properties of the products, but also for any hazards that may be involved. Full details of all manipulations should be described, and the range of yield should be reported rather than the maximum yield obtainable by an operator who has had considerable experience with the preparation. For each solid product the melting-point range should be
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