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The data worehouse ETL Toolkit - Kimpball R.

Kimpball R., Caserta J. The data worehouse ETL Toolkit - John Wiley & Sons, 2005. - 526 p.
SBN: 0-764-57923-1
Download (direct link): thedatawarehouse2005.pdf
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incremental load be run.
e Log into the query tool to access the data in the
f Run the following query: Select * from d_Product where Product ID 89076 and it's detail are
Productjd = 89076 displayed in the warehouse exactly as they
were entered in the transaction system.
9 Validate that the query results match exactly what was Query results match what was entered
entered in the transaction system. in the transaction system.

2 Validate Duplicate Product Id's A duplicate Product Id and detail will be entered and Test results are Only one record exists for Product Id Although duplicate Product Id's were
do not enter the warehouse via saved in the source system. The incremental load will run. dependent on a 89076 and a report is automatically cleansed in the source system, they
the incremental load and that a The QA instance of the warehouse will be queried and successful generated, indicating the duplicate did not have the resources to put the
report is automatically generated results will be validated. incremental load. entry for clean up in the source business rules in place to prevent
by the incremental load. transaction system. duplicates from entering until a future
release. Therefore, ETL code was
written to prevent duplicate Product
Id's from entering the warehouse and
automatically generate a report
indicating the duplicate records.
a Log on to the QA instance of your source system.
b Add a new product id of 89076 and detail of your choice
to the transaction system.
Save the new product record.
d Contact the ETL Manger/DBA to request that the
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