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Mutual funds for dummies - Tyson E

Tyson E. Mutual funds for dummies - Wiley publishing , 1998. - 425 p.
ISBN 0-7645-5112-4
Download (direct link): mutualfundsfordummies1998.pdf
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Source: Fidelity Investments
you need is an account transfer form (see Figure 11-4) for the brokerage firm into which you’re transferring the assets. Using one of these forms saves you the hassle of contacting brokerage firms, banks, and other mutual fund companies from which you want to move your money. Using this form also saves you the bother and risk of taking possession of these assets yourself.
Here’s the information you need to know to complete a transfer form like the one in Figure 11-4.
A. Information about your (new) brokerage account. Fill in your name as you have on your account application or as it’s currently listed on your account if it’s already open. If you’re sending in your account application with this transfer form, you won’t have an account number yet, so just write “NEW” in the space for your account number.
B. Information about the account you are transferring. Write the name of the brokerage, bank, or fund company that holds the assets you want to transfer; also enter the account number of your account there. Title of account simply means your name as it appears on the account you are transferring.
Complete one of the following. Complete the relevant section for the brokerage account, mutual fund, or bank account you are moving.
C. Brokerage Account Transfer. Here, you have to decide whether you want to transfer your entire account — which makes your administrative life
IlOlJI easier by eliminating an account — or only a part of it. (Another advantage °f closing accounts at firms such as Prudential, Merrill Lynch, Dean Witter, Smith Barney Shearson, and Paine Webber is that many of them charge an annual account fee.)
Part II: Establishing a Great Fund Portfolio
Account Transfer Form Schwab Clearing Number: 0164
(Schwab completes.) □ Broker change only
□ Brokerage □ АСЛТ
□ ГОА Q Kon-AOAT Full
□ Rollover □ Partial
О Keogh/Qualified Pension Plan Q Mutual Fund
A. Information about your Schwab account. If opening an account, please attach an account application to this form. Name__________________________________________________________________________________________________
Tour Schwab Account Number _
_ Your Social Security or Tax ID Number _
B. Information about the account you are transferring. (Please refer to your statement for the following information and
attach a complete copy of yorn- statement to ftis form.) a Chackhtreirit,eieas№OT„efon,><ll,aliI!edPlim.
Name of Firm or Fund Company____________________________________________________________
Your Account Number_____________________________________________________________________
Broker Cle;
Name(s) and the title of the account as shown on your statement _
Custodian or trustee of this account (Sdiwab completes.)
Please select only gng of the following: section C, D or E.
(Please use a separate fonu for each account you transfer.)
□ G. Brokerage or Trust Account Thuisfer. (please check appropriate box.)
□ 1 wish to transfer my entire account. (Please skip to signature section.)
Non-ACAT transfers only (Schwab completes.)
□ Deliver all securities in kiml and uninvested credit balance.
□ IssveacertfflcatefbrallwholesiBres.liquidateall fractional shares and discontinue dividend reinvestment
□ 1 wish to transfer only the following assets from my account. (Please do not complete the following information if you are transferring your entire account. Section to be used for partial transfers only. Please attach additional forms if necessary.)
Description of Asset (Partial transfert only. NOT TO bK VSKIIF02 MITC.tL FONDS.) Quantity ‘Indicate tef skim »‘AU.-)

Description of Asset (Partial transfers oaly. NOT TO HRI'sElt fORMriALm.Kv) Quantity (Ыка1е » of share» nf ‘AJL'I

Q D. Mutual Fund Transfer. (Please use one form for each mutual fond company.)
indicate below how you would life your shares transferred and your dividends and capital gains credited, if you do noc otherwise indicate below, Schwab will transfer all shares and reinvest your dividends and capital gains.
Name at Fund
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