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Mutual funds for dummies - Tyson E

Tyson E. Mutual funds for dummies - Wiley publishing , 1998. - 425 p.
ISBN 0-7645-5112-4
Download (direct link): mutualfundsfordummies1998.pdf
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Figure 11-2:
Getting to know all about you — brokerage account application.
Please furoishthe following information to help us identify your investment needs. Fbr joint (This irrfbrpiatfon Will be kept confidential.)
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□ Other______________ □ Extensive □ Bdensive v . □
3 Under 515,000 3 515,000 to 524.099
Humber of Dependents • CI -*■«,
Accounts at other Brokerage Firms*
Brofsraga-firm Kem»(s)
Asset Management Aocount - Fen Name{e)
IRMfeogh - Arm Hamels)
Source: Charles Schwab & Company, Inc.
Part II: Establishing a Great Fund Portfolio
firms should make at least a modest effort to determine whether their clients know enough and have a sufficient financial cushion to make riskier financial investments.
Make your paperwork go faster and your investing less dangerous and skip this stuff! If you’re not signing up for the risky account features such as margin and options trading, the brokerage firm doesn’t need to know this personal information.
Neat brokerage account options — checks and debit cards
Some brokerage accounts offer additional features, such as check writing and a VISA debit card (see Figure 11-3), that allow more convenient ways for you to access the money in your account. The only challenge is that you have to request the application for the special type of brokerage account that offers these features. At Fidelity, for example, its souped-up brokerage account is called a Cash Management Ultra Service Account; Schwab’s is called a SchwabOne account.
Debit cards look just like credit cards and are accepted by retailers the same way as credit cards. There’s one important difference, however. When you make a purchase with your debit card, the money is generally sucked out of your brokerage account money fund within a day or two. You may also use your VISA debit card to obtain cash from ATMs (which usually costs you a buck or so).
W You can use debit cards instead of credit cards. Doing so may simplify your financial life by saving you from writing a check every month to pay your ifoijl credit card bill. On the other hand, you give up the float — the free use, until the credit card bill is due, of the money that you owe — because debit cards quickly deduct the money owed from your account.
As with a money market mutual fund account, you may obtain checks to write against the money market fund balance in your brokerage account. Don’t forget to complete the signature card for check writing.
Some brokerage accounts come with even more features that make organizing your finances easier, such as unlimited check writing and a bill payment service. These services cost more money; at Fidelity, for example, you must put more money into your account ($10,000 instead of $5,000), pay a $5 monthly service fee, and also pay an annual account fee of $24 if you don’t place at least one trade per year.
Discount brokerage account transfers
You may have cash, securities, and most mutual funds transferred into a new brokerage account that you establish. (If you haven’t opened an account yet, you also need to complete an account application form.) All
Chapter 11: Application, Transfer, and Other Neat Forms
Figure 11-3:
Extra services give you more ways to access your funds.
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