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The business of wimax - Pareek D.

Pareek D. The business of wimax - Wiley publishing , 2006. - 330 p.
ISBN-10 0-470-02691
Download (direct link): thebusinessof2006.pdf
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regional roaming
Typical cell 1 -3 miles 4-6 miles; 1 -3 miles
radius Maximum range
30 miles based on
tower height,
antenna gain and
transmit power
WiMAX Forum is an industry-led, non-profit corporation formed to promote and certify compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless products. It was formed by equipment and component suppliers to support the IEEE 802.16 BWA system by helping to ensure the compatibility and interoperability of BWA equipment which will lead to lower cost through chip-level implementation.
Visionary companies, which feel that proprietary wireless access solutions are inappropriate for the wireless access network of the future, have spearheaded the development of WiMAX Forum Certified™ products. The proprietary solutions are wanting because they generally lack video capabilities, deliver insufficient bandwidth, are overly complex and are more expensive due to a nonintegrated supply chain. As the move to Ethernet picks up steam, Ethernet-based broadband wireless access networks will eliminate the need for multiple conversions within the WAN and LAN between ATM and IP network elements.
WiMAX Forum is doing what WiFi Alliance has done for wireless LAN and IEEE 802.11. In 2003 Intel Corp became a major supporter of the WiMAX Forum. WiMAX Forum CertifiedTM products adhere to the IEEE 802.16 standard and offer higher bandwidth, lower costs and broader service capabilities than most of the available proprietary solutions.
The WiMAX Forum is working very hard to set up a baseline protocol that allows equipment and devices from multiple vendors to interoperate, and also provides a choice of equipment and devices from different suppliers. Equipment vendors are focusing initially on developing comprehensive transport and access solutions, with the long-term objective of realizing a full-service standards-based solution for delivering data, video and voice over a single platform.
The WiMAX Forum has 300 members from equipment manufacturers, semiconductor suppliers, and services providers, and membership was recently opened for content providers. Some of the noted members are Alcatel, AT&T, Fujitsu, Intel, Nortel, Motorola, SBC and Siemens.
You should be aware of three additional facts about how WiMAX relates to official standards:
• First, broadly WiMAX is seen to be associated with the 802.16REVd.
• Second, the WiMAX Forum’s profiles will also be compatible with the European HiperMAN standard.
Ethernet WiFi ÈÉÒÌÎÃ

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Figure 2.11 Forums - making technology succeed
• Finally, the WiMAX Forum also has its sights set on 802.16e, an additional amendment that is awaiting approval by the IEEE, (Figure 2.11).
Why WiMAX ForumTM?
The purpose of the WiMAX ForumTM is to promote deployment of BWA networks by using a global standard (802.16) and certifying interoperability of products and technologies manufactured by member companies.
The WiMAX ForumTM will follow the IEEE tradition of being a clear, comprehensive and complete standard, designed for very high volume applications. All players will experience the most effective wireless infrastructure for broadband data services whether fixed, nomadic or eventually mobile. They will experience future-proof transport for data, video and voice applications, all through a simple global interoperability and certification process that will ensure interoperability (Table 2.6).
WiMAX Forum CertifiedTM is an open certification based on IEEE Standard 802.16d. The WiMAX Forum™ also plans to certify that products are compliant with the interoperability requirements set forth by The WiMAX ForumTM Technical Working Group. For network operators, this interoperability gives the operator more options, the
Table 2.6 WiMAX Forum - mission and principles
Mission Principles
To promote deployment of Support IEEE 802.16, 2-66 GHz
BWA by using a global standard • Propose access profiles for the IEEE 802.16
and certifying interoperability of standard
products and technologies. • Guarantee known interoperability level
• Promote IEEE 802.16 standard to achieve global acceptance
• Open for everyone to participate
flexibility of deploying broadband wireless systems from multiple vendors and the knowledge that all products deployed, if certified, will interoperate seamlessly (Figure 2.12).
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