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Share a book

Thank you for considering sharing the treasure of knowlege through your book!

Thank you for considering sharing the treasure of knowlege through your book! If you have a book that you did not find in our library but you think would be useful for others - send it to us and we will do our best to make it available for everybody.

At the same time, if you are not the author, you have to respect the intelectual property rights of those who wrote the book. Give the author a credit, ask his permition, say to him/her "thank you" for a great bit of knowlege they shared in their book.
Also note that only books with ethicly appropriate information will be added to the library.

In order to improve your online reading experience, we ask that you send us rare books which are not yet aviable online. If you are unsure if the book you would like to add to our collection is already avaiable online, a simple google search of an ebook version of the text will usually be sufficent.

You can send the book to our e-mail or fill in the following form:
Section (science, health, business,..):
Author of the work:
Other authors:
Type of the work (tutorial, thesis):
Year of publication:
edited by.. (if the editor differs from the author):
Number of pages:
ISBN code:
Book file:
Text book file (.txt)(if available):
Cover (.jpg,gif,png):
Other files related to the book:
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